Baby Ava’s Foundation

By Jason Thompson - UK Parachuting


Come and join the team from Baby Ava’s Foundation,  on the 28th April 2018 @ UK Parachuting (Sibson Airfield) . Have an experience of a lifetime whilst raising funds for a great cause.

We provide memory boxes to parents who have suffered the loss of a baby. Memories are a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never [...]



Skydiving in Winter: Pro Tips On How To Do It Right

By Jason Thompson - UK Parachuting



What does Skydiving feel like?

By Jason Thompson - UK Parachuting

Describing the indescribable…

Everybody who hasn’t jumped out of a perfectly good airplane wonders the same thing: what does it feel like to skydive?  There are both physical and emotional answers to this question.

It’s such an unfamiliar concept, falling through the air at 120+ mph. Most people who have jumped say things like “the feeling is indescribable” or “unlike anything else” when talking about the sensation [...]



Santa Skydive

By Jason Thompson - UK Parachuting

Dorothy Goodman School – Santa Skydive

Event Date: December 2 2017

Come and join The Dorothy Goodman School  – Santa Skydive on the 2nd December 2017  and have an experience of a lifetime whilst raising funds for a great cause @ UK Parachuting (Sibson Airfield)



Common Questions before Skydiving

By Jason Thompson - UK Parachuting

Can we both be filmed at the same time: Unfortunately it is impossible to film more than one person in freefall! We are more than happy to film two people on the ground, however we highly recommend each person has their own video to relive that feeling of freefall over and ove Can i wear precription glasses or contacts for my skydive: YES! We have goggles [...]



Tandem Skydiving with UK Parachuting

By Jason Thompson - UK Parachuting

This form of skydiving has been around since the 80’s. Because most people only jump once to check it off of the bucket list, tandem skydiving is the most popular way to experience the world of skydiving. It involves a student who is connected to a specially certified tandem instructor. The pair jump together, often with a videographer to document the event. The instructor deploys a [...]



Sibson Boogie 2017

By Jason Thompson - UK Parachuting

Just a reminder that the 2017 Sibson boogie will soon be upon us, 24th July to the 30th July.

Regardless if you are a skydiver or not and would like to pop a long for a brew and a bacon sandwich we will be open all day [...]



Brooklyn Beckham and Jack Ramsay Skydive

By Jason Thompson - UK Parachuting

Congratulations to Brooklyn and Jack on your first tandem skydives, Brooklyn is now thinking of doing Accelerated Freefall with some time this summer.

They both did their jumps on Fathers day over looked by proud parents.

Well done guys from all the team at UK Parachuting.



Formation Skydiving

By Jason Thompson - UK Parachuting

Formation Skydiving Photo: Brent Finley

Free Flyers would call Formation Skydiving “belly-flying”, with the earth always below, and the skies above. Formation Skydiving is much more than this, and entails quite a long history. Already in the 70’s, freefall veterans experimented for a long time to hook up two [...]



Callum Kennedy 500th Skydive

By Jason Thompson - UK Parachuting

Callum was our first apprentice at UK Parachuting who did his Accelerated Freefall Course in July 2016 since then Callum has done 500 jumps within the last 10 months.

Current qualifications:

British Parachute Assocation A/B/C licenses.

BPA Formation Skydiver 1

BPA Freefly 1

BPA Individual Style 1

BPA Qualified Cameraman.

Ground Radio Operator.

First Aider at work.

At the moment he is currently working towards his Tandem Instructor Rating which he hopes to do [...]