UK Parachuting Reviews

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Stuart Staines

May 8 2016

I take my hat of to the amazing videographers and Parachute team for what you did today with my kids. its was there first ever jump and in aid of cancer research, being a videographer myself I can only sit back an admire your skill for how you capture such amazing footage. I have edited the film from your aerial footage and the footage we captured from the ground and will share the film once its uploaded. Many thanks again outstanding job. Regards Stuart SDS DVD PRODUCTIONS.

Jessica Hughes

April 27 2016

I did my jump here on April 23rd. I had an amazing time! The scariest, most amazing thing I’ve ever done! Anyone thinking about doing it, do it!! And do it here

Stefanie Gaglio

April 24 2016

Absolutely awesome experience today, thank you to all but especially Ralph for making me feel completely at ease and helped me enjoy it to the max!! Loved every second, what a great place!! Thank you thank you thank you!! X

Tippy Cornish

April 24 2016

Brilliant instructors – wonderful views, AMAZING xx

Jen Turner

April 23 2016

Absolutely awesome jump today! Huge thanks to Chris who totally reassured me and was just perfect. Would definitely recommend you guys

Wythe Liu

April 23 2016

It is definitely one of the best feelings in my life to be able to jump out of an airplane at 15000ft high and enjoy the great view of the Mother Nature. Loved it and looking forward to do it again. Once again I want to say thank you to my instructor Chris McCann, thank you for your great help and detailed explanations that ensured the safety landing and extremely wonderful process. Hope all of you guys enjoy skydiving and have a fantastic time here.

Andy John Barber

April 10 2016

Had a fantastic day yesterday 9th of April at Sibson airfield carried out my 1st tandem skydive with Del the instructor could not have gone better what a great bloke! Once I landed I was full of adrenaline I paid for a 2nd go and straight back up in the air this time with Ricky the instructor had a great second jump again could not have gone better this goes down on my list of great things I have ever done many thanks hope to be back soon……

Ali Haq

April 9 2016

I did my charity sky Dive with Glen instructor. He guides you through the process and is very professional. I cant explain how amazing it is to free fall from the sky. I did the sky dive for Westgate school in Leicester to support children with Autism. Still annoyed I couldnt take my go pro camera with me.. But overall I would recommend this experience cant wait to do it again…

Karl Gibbo

April 9 2016

Defo the best experience I’ve ever had, except my kids obviously, still buzzing my tits off. I’d do it again tomorrow, if I had the money lol

Elizabeth Thorpe

April 9 2016

Absolutely amazing experience and the instructors were really friendly too… would go again in a heartbeat

Andy John Barber

April 9 2016

Had a fantastic day yesterday 9th of April at Sibson airfield carried out my 1st tandem skydive with Del the instructor could not have gone better what a great bloke! Once I landed I was full of adrenaline I paid for a 2nd go and straight back up in the air this time with Ricky the instructor had a great second jump again could not have gone better this goes down on my list of great things I have ever done many thanks hope to be back soon

Elizabeth Thorpe

April 9 2016

Absolutely amazing experience and the instructors were really friendly too… would go again in a heartbeat

Lee Kirsty

April 8 2016

Was amazing thank you Chris McCann you made it amazing big respect and big respect to the camera man next time though fink I’m going to pull my goggles down lol thank you guy’s deffo recommend and be back for second jump in July

Chloe Dandy

April 3 2016

Amazing staff that make you feel very welcome. I had Chris as my instructor and he was amazing! Best experience ever!!

Prem Kumar

April 3 2016

Thanks to UK Parachuting – Sibson Airfield team, you guys are brilliant , very helpful , I am sure you could train anyone to skydive with your instructors and trainers (the best) , it was my first jump ever from plane ,I attended the training , followed the instructions and landed safely .Special thanks to Mike, Paul , Chris and Oliver . Chris – Thanks for believing I could do it , I am honoured to meet you , I am glad that I got a chance to do my first jump with you and Ollie . I am getting ready for L2

Alex Burgess

March 25 2016

Me and my girlfriend have just done skydiving for the first time and it is easily one of the best experiences of my life. Extremely friendly staff and a lovely site. No doubt that I’m doing it again at some point.

Lauren Gardiner

March 25 2016

Just done my very first sky dive for my30th! Wow! Amazing! One of the best experience of my life (I have two babies) smile emoticon would I do it again? without a doubt! The instructors/staff/camera men are all fab! Massive Thanks to my instructor Dave and my camera man! I want to do it all over again! Can’t recommended these guys enough! Xx

Vicky Grace

March 25 2016

Thanks so much to Chris and the team for today, was amazing. Loved every minute of it!

Vera Gummer

March 20 2016

On behalf of Mary Murray and myself please convey our gratitude to your professional team and our sky dive instructors Chris and David for bringing us down safely to earth and for making the experience so wonderful.

James Barnett

March 13 2016

I did my first skydive yesterday and it was awesome, best experience of my life and i would definitely do it again maybe even higher if i could. The facilities are fantastic, a good place to chill out before you take the jump. Ralph was a great instructor and made the experience even better and thanks to Brad for doing the recording, can’t wait till I see the video. Think you should invest in a new mini bus though


Aidan Mark Green

March 13 2016

Did my first tandem today for my 21st birthday and I absolutely loved it, no other experience would beat it. And the staff here are excellent and friendly and my instructor and camera man was awesome smile emoticon Would i do it again??? A million times over thankyou UK parachuting

Eamonn Doherty

February 19 2016

Great experience, I would recommend it to anyone, a professional & friendly team.

Eamonn Doherty

February 19 2016

Great experience, I would recommend it to anyone, a professional & friendly team.

Ian Thorogood

January 16 2016

Just like say thank to everyone for making my day to raise money for my charity which r called kisses4kids in Bishops Stortford I wood like to say a big thank you to my instructor Chris mc, cann for every than u again from Ian.thorogood and kisses 4kids

Jacqui Watters Kenyon

December 5 2015

Done my first skydive on Friday 4th December Chris was my instructor, amazing experience & hope to do another soon.
Thank you UK parachuting

Chris Howell

November 22 2015

Thanks for an amazing day. From Mandy, chris, Miranda and Alex. And all the leap crew. Much appreciated. Thoroughly enjoyed!!!!

Aziza Azyozoo

November 20 2015

The best experience ever!! Thanks to everyone for a great day 🙂 especially my instructor Chris and my cameraman 🙂

Adam Hughes

October 4 2015

Epic experience. Made easier on the day by professional staff. Raising money for st Giles hospice and received my video back within 3 days. Hoping to come back soon to do aaf jumps! Thanks to all there.

Paul Smith

October 4 2015

Excellent and friendly staff made my first tandem jump an experience I will never forget- thank you!

Lisa Reynolds

October 4 2015

I had a great day with family and friends today doing my first skydive! Thanks to Ralph and my cameraman, can’t wait to see the video! Would recommend Sibson airfield to anyone wanting to try this experience, we are already planning our next jump

Treena Massey

September 26 2015

Absolutely brilliant – The instructors are fantastic and made me feel really safe. Matt Robinson was my tandem instructor and was brilliant. The video and stills are definately worth the money. Actually thinking of doing it agan.

Jon Hanney

September 26 2015

For anyone who has ever wanted to but never had the guts… Book up and do it! The guys were fantastic, the experience was great and it will be a day I will never forget. Fantastic experience with friendly, funny and professional people. You couldn’t ask for a better bunch of people to fall from the sky with!!

Jack Cook

September 20 2015

It was amazing in all aspects! Defiantly worth ticking off your bucket list. Shout out to Dave for pushing me out the plane, doing some stunts, then landing me safely on the grass

Nicola Case

September 20 2015

Truly awesome. A great team so friendly, helpful and great fun. If you are considering a jump I would definitely recommend UK parachuting

Karen Channing

September 20 2015

Wow what an amazing experience. Everyone was so friendly. Thank you so much to my instructor Matt who looked after me and cameraman Brad. Can’t wait to do it again 🙂

Emma Howard

September 20 2015

Absolutely amazing experience staff very friendly and made you feel at ease. Definitely 100% recommend them.

Debbie Tatum

September 19 2015

Really fantastic experience today doing my first tandem skydive. The staff were all well trained and reiterated the jump and safety procedures as many times as needed and were so supportive to ensure a perfect dive and memories to keep forever!

Claire Martin

September 17 2015

Awesome!! My daughter and I did our first ever tandem jump today for Breast Cancer Now and enjoyed every minute. The instructors were professional but light hearted to keep our nerves at bay. Felt very safe and secure and totally amazed by the experience. Thanks to Dave & Andy for landing us safely!


Deb Grape

September 16 2015

On behalf of my hubby he had a ball, the staff were fantastic and very professional and as soon as it was over he wanted to go again!! The only down side was having to wait for well over 4 hours but we cannot blame anyone for the weather conditions and we were warned that it could be along day. Having said that we enjoyed the comfortable cafe area and the prices were not to extreme. There is every chance we will return!

Jenny Milne

September 15 2015

Brilliant, Not just for my Husband who jumped today and now wants to do it again and again, but for us the spectators, very professional and highly recommended. Will be going again, (for hubby not me lol)

Louise Mary

September 12 2015

Such a great time. Little boy loves watching. Really friendly, and all make u feel at ease. Thanks so much all xxx

Marketa Bown

September 6 2015

Absolutely fantastic experience for my first sky dive today. Thanks to everyone and especially Mark. Will definitely recommend.

Jamie Crisp

September 1 2015

One of the best experiences of my life, made better by the top guys there to help!!

Charley Wright

September 1 2015

he best experience I have ever had! Absolutely unbelievable!!!!! Would recommend it to anyone! Big thank you to my tandem he was amazing!

Max Lsu

August 19 2015

Had a blast this week! Level 7 completed thanks to Yo, Sarah and Chris (you guys were awesome). Can’t wait to jump again next weekend!

Rosie Gray

August 17 2015

Had a great day yesterday and thank you to my instructor Andy!!

Paul Atherton

August 16 2015

Absolutely brilliant it’s been a fantastic day all the staff were great, a massive thank you to Chris McCann who took time out to prepare my brothers ashes so I could scatter them while doing the skydive ,he would have loved it. From Angela x

Nathan Webb

August 13 2015

If you’re contemplating doing this, stop thinking and just do it.

Ken Priestman

August 12 2015

Food and drink on site great prices, my instructor Chris McCann was great and so was my camera man but can’t remember his name. Can’t wait to come back and do some more jumps and next year do a solo jump. Thanks UK parachuting.

Millie Hicklin

August 12 2015

I had a sky dive here to raise money for the rspca and this was the best experience of my life it’s hard to put the amazement into words and thanks to all the helpful staff and my jumping buddy I had a successfully awesome flight, I recommend it to anyone so thank you 🙂

Lisa-Maria Durbridge

August 10 2015

Awesome jump thanks to all – sorry Chris for being sick on the way down…lucky for you it was in a bag

Hayley Bennett-Flack

August 2 2015

This was my First time skydiving & I am terrified of height but I was doing this to raise money for children in need so I was really nervous but…
All the instructors were super nice, reassuring and really funny so by the time we were about to jump out all the nerves had gone.
Lovely guys, great day, thanks to everyone x

Jemma Westing

July 31 2015

I did a charity jump raising moment for MIND on the 11th July this year. I had the time of my little life! I recommend this to anyone…especially to those who get wound up by the monotony of the everyday 9-5 and think that their lives are a bit dull at the moment. There is more to life! Experiencing life is a privilege and I guarantee that when you go skydiving, you’ll come out feeling the most positive that you have ever felt afterwards: full of thanks for the people you know, the experiences in life that you’ve had, the sights that you’ve seen and for your wonderful instructor who has just given you the time of your life! In my case that was Jimmy! Thanks JIMMY! I’d love to come back to Sibson and if I can raise some money and get my head around it (!), I’d LOVE to have a go at the AFF level 1. Thank you all so much for looking after everyone the way you do. I have a deep respect to you all. Give skydiving a go at Sibson if you’ve never done it before, you certainly won’t regret it!

Tilly Johnson

July 31 2015

Thank you to the guys at the airfield I had a great time doing my first tandem skydive for charity my instructor was really good and my camera man can’t wait to see the video thank you guys xxx

Anna Stone

July 28 2015

Did my first tandem parachute jump yesterday. Wow, it was awesome. The guys at UK Parachuting are phenomenal and so professional. God, i could so take this up as a hobby. Guys, you have the best job in the world. Thank you so much, for the most amazing experience. Xxx 1000% recommend to anyone. These guys are the best, and their sport is second to none

Jason Anderson

July 22 2015

would just like to say on behalf of my daughter Ellis thank you for a
great experience yesterday.
Ellis had never even been in a plane prior to her jump yesterday.
All staff extremely friendly and helpful.
Ellis thoroughly enjoyed her experience and we look forward to
receiving the film footage package.
Thanks again keep up good work
The Anderson family x

Lisa Holloway

July 20 2015

Very professional place. Really put us at ease. Great sense of humour whilst still being very professional. Would definitely go again & totally recommend them. Thank you guys! Special thanks to Ralph who made my tandem awesome! !!!!

Sonia Cluett

July 18 2015

Fantastic tandem jump I had on the 18.7.15 even though I looked frightened I loved it.. Id do it again..highly recommended x
Thanks team for help and support

Kirk Devonport

July 18 2015

Did a tandem sky dive on July 18th 2015. What a great experience. Friendly staff and Chris, my instructor made me feel at ease. Many thanks.

Taz Clarke

July 12 2015

Weather was hit and miss to begin with but when the skys cleared it was wonderfull. Unfortunataly the kitchen wasnt running yesterday so was starving but these thing happen….Would like to say a massive Thankyou to Adam my instructor he was brilliant also to Mike my camera man. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Declan Burrows

July 12 2015

Absolutely amazing experience today doing my first tandem jump on my 18th birthday, staff there were really nice, a massive thank you to my instructor Adam and my camera man, cant wait to do it again!

Babita Gupta

July 11 2015

#Amazing#Fabulous# Love to go for AFF next time !!

Matt Whitehall

July 11 2015

This was the best day ever!! Thank you to all the staff, and especially Sean for making my sky dive so amazing! We was all scared in the beginning but can’t recommend this enough. I will definitely be doing another one in the future!!

Rebecca L Smith

July 11 2015

An absolutely amazing time had this morning. Shall recommend to all of my friends and family and can’t wait to jump again. No feeling quite like it, utterly exhilarating – thank you

Naomi O’Reilly

July 11 2015

I just wanted to drop you a quick message about a charity skydive I was lucky enough to be a part of on Saturday 11th July.

I was absolutely terrified, to the point where my colleagues that didn’t see me after the jump thought I may have bottled out! I just wanted you to know that if it wasn’t for my instructor, Adam, I don’t think I would have been able to go through with it. He was brilliant from the minute I met him, talking me through everything that he was doing, what all of the equipment was for and on the ride up in the plane he was constantly chatting to keep me relaxed. When it came to jump he was very clear about what we were going to do, making it a step by step exercise so I could focus. He was great fun and everyone else in the plane has since commented on what a brilliant instructor he was.

So, I just wanted to pass this on and say a huge thanks! Can’t wait to do another!

Best wishes

Dom Shaves

July 5 2015

What an incredible experience! Done AFF level one today, can’t wait to continue jumping with you guys. Chris was an amazing instructor ⛅️✈️⛅️⬇️⬇️⬇️ see you next weekend

Stacey Bridie Meade

July 4 2015

I jumped this morning as part of a fundraiser for EACH. Thank you to the instructors and staff for all of your help, I had a great time and would jump again!

Wesley Mark Mclening

July 1 2015

Absolutely brilliant! My first ever tandem and im already planning my next. Definitely returning to Sibson to do it again, staff are brilliant! Special mention to Dave and Chris! (Like I said all staff are brilliant but these are the two I personally was involved with) Dave made me feel relaxed from the
Moment we started kitted up, once the canopy was open we could chat and Dave was brilliant (spinning us round and round was amazing) Chris even though on the day wasnt my instructor was brilliant with me. Constantly talking to me before getting in the plane and whilst getting to the correct altitude. Back on the ground again the same, nothing was too much trouble for the man, nearly 10,000 jumps and today showed why he has been doing it for so long! Can not speak highly enough of the drop zone. Get yourself booked in at Sibson! An experience you’ll not forget! Cheers Dave, Chris and the team!

Ray Clements

June 27 2015

And thanks to my jumper Matt who made it even more

Cristina Ariza

June 27 2015

Thank you for a I-haven’t-got-the-words-for-it-experience! Fantastic instructor, wonderful warm, friendly and supportive people. Have already recommended it to everyone I’ve spoken to since. Definitely doing it again

Hollie Meehan

June 21 2015

Didn’t think I would do it but so happy I did 🙂 even got to go through my cloud !! I was speechless after but in a good way ✈️

Justine Scarvaci

June 20 2015

Absolutely awesome!! Great place, friendly staff and great instructors! Let’s fly people!!

Gill Johnson

June 16 2015

I just did my first tandem sky dive yesterday, it was amazing my instructor kev was amazing and talked me through everything and made me feel less scared.

Stuart Perry

June 11 2015

Thank you to every one had a great afternoon, it was one of the best things I have done in my life & would like to try a solo jump in the future, very professional and safety conscious team.
I would absolute recommend it.
I hope I did not offend my instructor I may have sworn on the way down more in excitement than insult.
And I also raised some money for UNICEF.

Ross Dunford

June 7 2015

Loved it , was a good day today thank you

Rachel Elmer

June 7 2015

Just done my first skydive! Was amazing! I can’t thank Chris enough for calming me down and being a fabulous bloke! Great experience! I’ll be jumping again! 🙂

Lindsay Gurney

June 7 2015

Just did my 1st sky dive! Loved it and will do it again! I did my tandem with Ralf! Bloody love him!!!!!! What these guys do is just amazing!!!

Nick Rodgers

June 6 2015

Did a jump at the weekend and I have to say it was the best experience of my life… The people there are super helpful. The man I jumped with (mick) was so helpful I didn’t feel worried just relaxed.. Thank you guy for an awesome time

Cathy Higgins

June 6 2015

Just did it this morning! Still buzzing!!!!! Brilliant experience! Great bunch of staff too! A must do……and a must be repeated!!!!

Kelly Blundred

May 30 2015

My first ever jump. Was put at ease by Dave the lovely Ozzy guy, & also Brad who was videoing… Pair of comedians! Thanks , I loved it

Melanie Auston

May 24 2015

Did my first skydive yesterday. AMAZING!!!! Will be doing it again one day. Still can’t find the words to describe what it’s actually like except AMAZING!!!!!!

Tom Davies

May 23 2015

Brilliant day at the scrambles! Great bunch of guys!!

Chris Robertson

May 23 2015

Had the most fantastic sky dive yesterday it was amazing. I can’t recommend them and Kevin enough, truly awesome.

Katy Rabey

May 23 2015

Great experience. Kept waiting to feel scared, it didn’t happen – felt safe secure and eager to jump with these guys. Thanks to all staff especially Ralph who did all the important stuff. Only complaint….it was over too quick and I wanted to go again. Loved it!

David Swindon and Joshua Hobley

May 17 2015

David Swindon and Joshua Hobley came in on Sunday 17th May for a tandem and were extremely happy.

They have left great feedback about the staff and wanted to say what a great day they all had!

They are now booking another tandem for themselves, and want to bring a large group as well J

Nikki Stubbs

May 17 2015

This is just a short note to thank you for the most amazing experience, I’m sure you have lots of people saying the same but I’m happy to join the crowd.
Not only were you hilariously funny most of the day you were completely sympathetic to my misplaced terrors for the rest, that’s a fantastic balance and I thank you for that professional touch. You were incredibly patient even when I was a pathetic pain ( please know I gave myself a talking to a number of times that day) and my attempts to compose myself were futile and therefore reasonable thinking/behaviour  totally left me…..

… Then I was out of the plane ME!!! Skydiving!! 😮 awesome. But still it didn’t end there your ability to continue to make me feel safe was brilliant your attention to the details of just having your feet under mine made me relax (but maybe only my eyeballs!)

That same evening I was thinking I would do it again to bash those fears but now a few days later it makes me sweat again so maybe I will come and just watch Nihad do it again in June! 😏

Many many thanks

Nikki Stubbs

Ps it was a good idea to hang on to me going to the plane too – Forest Gump springs to mind!

Kirsty Rogers

May 16 2015

Such an amazing experience!! Can’t wait to do it again! Had a brilliant instructor too, which made it even more fun 😀

Manier Ali

May 16 2015

Had the best adrenaline rush ever amazing skydive the guys were amazing!! The place is great, hospitable for for friends and family, great day out!!! Recommend as a must for anyone wanting to do a skydive! Manier

James Marley

May 14 2015

Hi Paul
Many many thanks for a great day. Your staff were fantastic,friendly and Very professional . Doing a tandem Skydive as always been a dream. We are already talking about making This an annual event, but I’m pretty Sure a few of us will take you and your Team up on your offer.To see the smiles On the returning jumpers made it extra Special. Our briefing was giving by Ralph, who’s professionalism had a Great calming effect on us all. I jumped With mike,who again had the same Effect.I have probably told everyone I have met since about my experience. Look forward to my next visit.
Thanking you

Hannah O’Neill

May 10 2015

I just wanted to say thank you to my instructor It sounds really bad but I think his name was mike…. he’s average height and bald…. I just wanted to say thank you I done the skydive for charity (macmillan cancer support) I’m absolutely terrified of heights and my biggest fear was jumping out of a plane my instructor made me feel so comfortable and happy that I absolutely loved it and will most definatley do it again everyone at Sibson was so good so I just wanted to say a big thank you! 🙂
Along with the fact you managed to get our group onto the same plane on Sunday 10th May

Emilija Zk

May 8 2015

Amazing tandem skydiving experience thank you guys

Delsoir Grosellini

May 4 2015

BRILLIANT !! by far the best thing I’ve ever done thanks to ralph and everyone at UK parachuting sibson airfield for making it all run smoothly and getting me back on the ground in one piece. I look forward to doing it again in the near future and once again CHEERS.

Hayley Dawn Jones

May 4 2015

Amazing. Thanks guys. So friendly, made it easy and an experience I’ll never forget. Can’t recommend enough.

Hayley Dawn Jones

May 4 2015

Amazing. Thanks guys. So friendly, made it easy and an experience I’ll never forget. Can’t recommend enough.

Laura Dymond

May 2 2015

Finally got to do my tandem charity jump today after trying 3 times before but being cancelled due to weather (I hate British weather) but it certainly was worth the wait. An amazing experience and felt very safe and well looked after by my excellent instructor Ricky and cameraman Mike. Thanks guys! Can’t wait to see my video 😀 a highly recommended experience. Also the cafe is great and we certainly got a lot of use out of it on all four of out visits! Raised lots of money for the Stroke Association too 🙂 thank you UK Parachuting!

Lisa ‘Vi Aggro’ Noakes

April 29 2015

Made what I expected to be a petrifying experience into an amazing exhilarating and truly enjoyable time. Ralph Mitchell (my jump man) is clearly addicted, and takes you along for the ride!

Zoe Ward

April 28 2015

Absolutely amazing!!! Everyone should come here and do it. The guys here are total professionals! I absolutely loved it!! Thank uuuuu

Luke Weston

April 27 2015

hanks for the great experience today for my birthday for my first jump. Would Definitely recommend that people should do this. Great and friendly staff and can say that I would come back!!!

Jo Millichip

April 26 2015

Hey this is Jo, just wanted to say thanks to Ralph today.  I can’t say I
really enjoyed the skydive as I was pretty terrified but Ralph made it
fun and calmed me down so many thanks.  Sure the video footage is going to be interesting!  BTW the sick bag came in handy on the car journey home

Hena Pabari

April 20 2015

Had an amazing first skydive! Thank you Ralph and Brad!

Katie Brown

April 19 2015


I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed my skydive this morning and how great I thought my Tandem partner was. I can’t remember his name unfortunately but he said he had a military background. He was very professional and made me feel at ease.

Thanks again
Katie Brown

Ken Durling

April 18 2015

Thanks for making the day so special,the people here are so professional and put you at ease I was expecting to be nervous once I was in the plane but the on board banter soon put me at ease…. I think I could get addicted

Jason Visser

April 15 2015

Big thanks to Yolande Lee, Grant Richards and all the guys for getting me through my Level 7 AFF, it was amazing.

Amy Winch – Teens Unite Fighting Cancer

April 13 2015

Thank you all so much for an amazing experience today, we all loved it!
I’ll be back for sure! X

Lee Hurd

April 13 2015

Did a tandem jump for charity today 13.4.2015… Absolutely brilliant time. And your whole team were superb. Faultless day. Brilliant

Pippa Ramage

April 7 2015

Fantastic and could not have been made to feel any more welcome. It made the whole experience even better thanks guys

Kerry Flatters

April 4 2015

Thanks for an amazing experience Dave. I want to do it again..

Steph Dunning

April 4 2015

Dear Everyone at Sibson,
Just wanted to say a massive, massive thank you for making my first jump…. and first time on a plane..!!!… such an incredible experience! You were all so brilliant and i’ve never met a nicer bunch of people!
I have managed to raise £567 for a great charity called childreach international! Thankyou for making this happen!
I received the photos and videos today and they were incredible!
I’m sure i will be seeing you again at some point!
Many thanks,
Kind Regards,
Steph Dunning

Rhianna Eve

April 4 2015

Morning All

Thank you so much for my skydive on Saturday, it was absolutely incredible. The best thing I have felt in my life and can’t wait to book another.

Looking forward to receiving my video and stills, do you post them out? And can I request songs to be added to the DVD?

Many Thanks

Your all amazing!!

Stacey Hodkins

March 24 2015

Just want to say thank you guys for a lovely morning all staff were very friendly and big thank to Ralph for putting up with me hehe

Amanda Lowe (SG Capital Partners)

March 22 2015

On behalf of our group of tandem jumpers, a massive thank you to the UK Parachuting team. Staff and instructors were incredibly accommodating and professional. We’d all happily jump again! Absolutely amazing experience! We can’t wait to see our videos!

On a personal level, I’d like to extend my gratitude to Mark for his professionalism and ensuring my Kiwi self was still happy and healthy after landing! “

Noel Harding

March 22 2015

Thank you to everyone at UK Parachuting Sibson for making my Tandem jump so amazing. All staff and instructors were relaxed and professional before, during and after the jump. During the accent, and the rather quicker descent, everything was fully explained in a way that instilled confidence at every step and never left me any doubt! The Tandem jump was one of the most spectacular experiences of my life and it is very easy to see why you’d want to do it again and again! Thanks again for everything. Noel

Claire Naylor

March 8 2015

Thank you everyone at the UK parachuting club at Sibson Airfield for the most unbelievably amazing day jumping in aid of Kidney Research. You were all so warm and welcoming and made the whole experience twice as good. Thanks
especially to my tandem buddie Tim, you rock, made the whole experience relaxed and very enjoyable. I highly recommend anyone to do a tandem skydive and here. Thanks again, first class x

Rachel Middleton

February 21 2015

Thank you so much for making me feel at ease Mike. Hopefully be back for more!!

Meanne Anneklien Casica

February 21 2015

Thank you for the Amazing experience today….the best adrenaline rush experince so far. Thank you to Ralhp my tandem team and Brad my Video camera man. Such a fantastic time I cant thank you enough!

Gemma Wheeler

February 8 2015

UK Parachuting, thank you for an amazing day ! and thanks Mark for not dropping me ! I’ll be back

Laurie Chamberlain

February 2 2015

Just thought I’d let you know received disc today. Its amazing, I’m the star of the show.
Lol my choice of vocabulary no mistaking what was said lol. I’m not that fat it was all the layers I had on poor mark lol.
Brilliant thank u mark and ged
Kind regards

Shannon Louise Dilks

January 23 2015

Best experience of my life couldn’t thank the team more for everything they did to make me feel self and help me enjoy the day!! I jumped for Children with cancer and raised an amazing £1,078! Thank you everyone!!

Karen Fox

January 20 2015

Just wanted to drop you a line to thank you all for my fantastic tandem
experience on Saturday, everyone was so nice and I would recommend uk parachuting to anyone

Laurie Chamberlain

January 17 2015

Just wanted to say a massive thank you to you and your team.
Especially to Mark n Jed It was a fantastic experience , I even think could I jump out of plane on my own ,a big plunge ,or doing it with instructor on either side of me Hmmmm I need to think somemore lol.
Anyway, had an absolutely awesome time and can’t wait to watch it on replay lol.

Lisa Evans

November 12 2014

Professional team and really good fun.
I’m going back for more
Loved it

Julie Walters

November 9 2014

Awesome. The team at Sibson are fantastic.
Everyone should do at least one skydive in their lifetime. There nothing else like it and these guys will really look after u.
Did a tandem just over 2 months ago and still buzzing from it. Defo worth getting the stills and video too, cant stop watching mine.
Just booked again for next year with my family and friends coming along to experience the adrenaline rush too.
Big thumbs up
You guys are the best xx

Christina Tescu

November 9 2014

I had the best experience. I would definitely do it again!!!!

Amber Stock

October 30 2014

I am writing to you regarding my recent skydive that I did with you on the 5th July with three friends. I would just like to thank-you all so much for making it such an amazing experience, I think I speak for all of us when I say that it was the most spectacular thing I have ever experienced. I would
especially like to thank my instructor Tibi who was amazing from the start! He made me feel 100% safe from start to finish, and was such a calming
influence on the plane ride up, laughing and joking with me! He’s a real credit to you, as are the other instructors that I was speaking with.
I enjoyed the experience so much that I’m considering taking the accelerated free fall course.

Tommy Skipper

October 30 2014

I did my Charity Skydive on the Saturday just gone (26th July) and i just wanna say a big thank you to all at UK Parachuting for the great experience. I absolutely loved it and i will be booking another one with you shorty!! Also a big thanks to J Thompson my instructor for a nice smooth dive!

Thanks again for a great experience!!

Eileen Edmondson

October 30 2014

I just wanted to say what a brilliant team you have there, I have never felt so safe and secure and was made to feel at ease, my pilot Steve was fantastic even though I forgot most of what he told me as I fell from the sky, you’d of though I’d done a perfect job afterwards, what a lovely man.

Also perfect was the camera man, again I forgot to lift my head up, he never mentioned it afterwards, lots of smiles from both, also a lovely lad.

And how about that lovely lady who sees us all in and out, so slick and friendly and what a memory she has, I hope you cherish all your wonderful staff who make the day such a pleasure, I shall remember them always.

Tim Ridgway

October 20 2014

Came all the way from Sheffield to do my jump.. Due to bad weather had to re book 4 times! But let me tell you people was 110% worth the wait! Utter amazing!!!

Laura Farnham

October 5 2014

Amazing I want to do this every weekend .

Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity

September 28 2014

We were all very happy with the UK parachuting team at the event, we all thoroughly enjoyed and the day , and the feedback I’ve read so far from our fundraisers is that had a fantastic day too.  I am going through the evealuation sheets this week and next and will let you know of any great quotes we great regards UK Parachuting.

Thank you to you, Grant, Chris , Paul  and the all the tandem instructors for your help  in making it a memorable event.  Thank you or all your patience’s too with all my inquiries over the last few months! It was great to work with such a great and positive team.

Joanne Dee

September 22 2014

I would like to say a massive thank you to you and all the staff at Sibson Airfield for helping me to achieve my ultamate dream off a lifetime.
I would also like to say how well organised the day was from start to finish and at no point did I have any fears.
Also, a special thank you to my instructor Gary Chapman for his time and patience.  He made me feel extremely relaxed and put my mind at ease.  He is a real asset and gem to your company.
Thank you to Tim my photographer for the day who also prompted me to smile at all times always.
So, because the day was such a success, I have a voucher to return and I would like to book another Tandem Skydive next year 2015, I’m looking around May time.  Would the voucher be valid for then?
I have spoken to some of my dear friends and hopefully I have spurred them on to do a Tandem Skydive also.

Thanks again and I hope to hear from you

Lynsay Goodman

September 18 2014

After another fantastic tandem jump on Sunday i’d like to book another tandem for the 16th November.
I’d also like to do a solo jump in February next year – do you run these all week? I’d like to book it for 24th feb, which is a Tuesday, if possible?
Can you let me know if these dates are ok?


September 18 2014

Hi, I received my dvd and photo’s and just wanted to say thank you they are fantastic.
Watching the dvd back made me very emotional and excited – -and I just wanted to do it all over again…
A huge thank you to everyone at Sibson on the day, the team were fantastic.
My biggest thank you and shout out is for my Skydive Tandem Pro –  Gary, he was awesome.  He put my mind at ease and I felt safe and in good hands the whole time.  Also a big thank you to Andrew my cameraman for taking some brilliant shots and video.  Something I will treasure forever.  Please pass on my gratitude to those guys especially.
This was truly one of the best experiences of my life and you guys made that happen so I am forever grateful.
I look forward to coming back to do a second tandem skydive and will be bringing my husband along to do one too…

Karen Williams

September 17 2014

Got my dvd and pics today, I can’t tell you how overwhelmed I am seeing it all again, They’re so fabulous, so thankyou so much!  They guys on the day were just so brilliant too, they made me feel like I was the only person they had ever sykdived with!!

Hopefully see you again someday, when I return!!

Eleanor Sims

September 12 2014

I would like to thank you for my skydive yesterday and would like to say how much I enjoyed it. I also really appreciate the help from the instructors and would love it if you passed on to Gary how much I loved it and  his help! also, I was wondering when the photos of the skydive come through?
Thank you

Kerry Keith Ward

September 12 2014

FAB!! my first ever and like to do it again!im deaf myself.. the man i jumped with was helpful n brilliant.

Clare Osborne

August 23 2014

Amazing what a day, such a nice group of instructors who put you at ease. What to do again and again. Thank you.

Duncan Lord Primrose

August 23 2014

Fantastic tandem jump today with Adam….even if we did break the speed barrier.

Craig Davenport

July 14 2014

Best day EVER, thanks to all the staff of UK Parachuting (Sibson) who helped make it such an incredible day for us… SEE YOU AGAIN SOON
My instructor Tim was a LegEnd

Cee Peeno

May 24 2014

Gret stuff, I was first one out the plane on the first run of tandems… thanks for amazing experience.

Nicki Pybus

May 7 2014

I did my first skydive with you yesterday loved it by the way the staff were amazing!! I am going to take advantage of my £135 jump and i want to do my AFF level 1. Once again thanks.